Choosing the Dodge Journey as Your Vehicle

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The Dodge journey is definitely a vehicle of choice for the family that wants a vehicle that meets the needs of every family member. To see what this vehicle has to offer as well as a great selection of other impressive vehicles be sure to visit

For the growing family or the family that is on the go then this vehicle is comprised of seating for seven. For the busy sports mom who has to transport not only her own children but the neighbourhood children as well to various sports events, this seating is well received.

When it comes to family trips and vacations then this is a vehicle that can be counted on to provide all of the comfort for not only the passengers but for the driver as well. When it comes to transporting the little ones, one of the great conveniences of this Dodge Journey is that the built in the booster seats are available.

It has great capacity for storage so for the large sized family this is ideal. When it comes to feedback about the vehicle many comment that the vehicle is just the right size and it is not too big and yet not too small. They love the way that it handles in bad weather especially in the winter.

What makes this vehicle even more impressive is its affordable price. Many families find that money is tight, and being able to find a vehicle that is as reliable as this Dodge journey is at a reasonable price can be quite a challenge.

This vehicle has a four speed shiftable automatic that comes with front wheel drive with in-line four cylinders. When it comes to the exterior there are some really impressive colours that can be chosen as a well as there are quality basic interior colours.

Those that already own a Dodge Journey will tell you that it is a fine vehicle to drive based on its responsive powertrains. They also find that it is reasonable when it comes to fuel efficiency. What is also important to those that are buying a family vehicle is to be able to purchase one that is going to be durable and give them many years of performance. This is something that they can rely on when they make their choice for the Dodge Journey. Check out the large number of quality vehicles at

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