Getting Ready for the Ford 2017 Raptor

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There is a lot of excitement beginning to stir over the Ford 2017 raptor. For those that are showing an interest in this vehicle they are going to find that the twin turbo echo boost V-6 engine and 10 speed transmission is going to offer all of the performance of that they desire. Learn more about this vehicle at
When it comes to being a little bigger in size than the 6 inch increase over the standard model is going to be appreciated. For individuals that want a vehicle that can handle the rough terrain there is no doubt that this for 2017 Raptor is going to be able to meet all of the needs. It has no problem handling the barren desert at speeds that are impressive and can withstand the dirt that it is going to be exposed to.
Although Ford is still not boasting about the amount of power that this Raptor is going to have they have certainly indicated that the turbo V-6 has more than the last generations 411 was comprised of.
The main focus of this new Raptor is being put on its off road capabilities especially focusing on the speed at which it can handle the various terrains that no doubt it will be exposed to. One of the things that is really helping with this is the new steel frame that is composed underneath the aluminum body this has allowed a savings of more than 500 pounds of heavy metal. It has eased up fox bracing shocks which help to stop cracking when exposed to extreme pressures. When it comes to suspension there is no disappointment. Of course this vehicle is built with the latest technology such as a Torsen differential upfront as well as a new transfer case and a most impressive pre-programmed Badja mode computer. See more about this vehicle at

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