The 5 Star Overall Vehicle Score for the Acura

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Acura has done something that no other brand of car has done before, successfully proving that their dedication to engineering safety is second to none. Acura is officially the only car to earn a 5-star overall vehicle score from the NHTSA as well as earning Top Safety Pick from the IIHS across its entire model line. Be sure to get more details about this vehicle as well as other Honda vehicles at
Acura has taken the industry lead in using new technologies to ensure that it’s vehicles are safe and well designed, using various collision warning systems, advanced technologies, advanced braking systems as well as camera systems. Added together, Acura is using every conceivable safety method in the industry as well as improving on existing technologies, making it a fascinating example of how far vehicular safety has come, even in the last 30 years. What makes them so concerned about safety? Well, there is the obvious fact that people want to drive a safe car. But according to the new ads being put out by Acura, the engineers take the job very personally.
In new commercials, airing as of mid October, we see Acura engineers imagining that their own family is in the vehicle when a collision occurs. This empathic version of reality makes the engineers at Acura more concerned with safety, as they can place themselves in others shoes, rather than just being some random engineer working on a vehicle for who knows who. With this in mind, Acura has created the safest line of automotives in the industry, and most certainly in the history of vehicles around the world.
With computers constantly taking in information and figuring out various scenarios of collision, then offering solutions and warnings when necessary, the world of motor vehicles is in for a paradigm shift. And leading that shift is Acura. Check out the great Honda deals at

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