What is the Toyota Entune All About?

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If you’re like so many people out there that are looking for a vehicle, but are not quite yet sure what you want to go with, certainly take the time to look around, but if again you’re like so many people that decide to check-out the many vehicles Toyota has in its lineup, and what type of reviews they have gotten by owners and drivers, the look might be almost over, as it will just come down to what model Toyota you want, which again might be a little frustrating because of all the choices. Pay a visit to www.norwalktoyota.com to learn more about the Toyota vehicles.

No doubt there are going to be a few deciding factors when picking out the Toyota that is best for you, and if you enjoy your music, especially when you are driving, one more factor that may help in your decision-making is when you are checking out the different audio systems you’ll come across the Entune, which is far more than just a car radio.

The Toyota Entune is an advanced integrated multimedia telematics and navigation system, that with a subscription through SiriusXM, it can provides drivers with satellite-based information that is current and covers such issues as traffic, weather, fuel prices, sports scores, and even how your stocks are doing on the TSE or DOW. You can hook up your phone through the Entune app and it also offers a USB port for your convenience, as well as providing you with a browser so you can access the internet.

Because this system can be activated and used by voice recognition, Toyota has made sure using Entune won’t cause you any distractions, which is especially important, because depending on where you reside, there have recently been new laws introduced to help prevent distractions for drivers, such as you using your cell phones for talking or texting, eating a quick meal while driving, or anything else that prevents you from keeping your eyes on the road. The fines are steep and are just another reason to love the Toyota Entune. Check out the great Toyota vehicles and their features at http://www.norwalktoyota.com/.


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