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In the moments following an accident, it’s sometimes hard to know what to do. After you’ve checked that everyone involved was okay, it’s easy to panic in the moment and not know what step to take next. The first thing you’ll want to do, if everyone is okay, is assess the damage and call to file a police report. Exchange your personal and insurance information with the others involved. It can also help if you already have a plan in place for dealing with repairs. Luckily, if you’re a new Toyota owner, your Toyota Care should cover towing your car in for repairs. Your local dealership, where you purchased your car, is the ideal place to have the repairs done. The dealership has its’ own body shop, which deals with wrecked cars every day. They can help with everything from scratches and dents to major reconstruction. You can see a full list of what they can do at their website,


Having a plan in place for what you would do if you were involved in a wreck helps you to know what to do when it happens. You don’t have to try to solve the problem the minute it arises because you’ve already got it figured it out. Letting Toyota Escondido help you get your car back to normal is a great option because they work with most insurance companies. You’ll know quickly if they accept your insurance, and can even find out ahead of time, as part of your plan. They believe the customer, and not just the insurance company, is who they’re making repairs for and they won’t be happy until you’re satisfied with your car. Entrust your vehicle to the same people you bought it from. Learn about what they can do at


Tesla has already received over 20,000 orders.

Based on recent spyshots of the Tesla Model X with production headlights and taillights, our artist, Shoeb, has created a digital mockup of the electric crossover. Plagued by multiple delays, the Model X is expected to launch in the United States in the third quarter of this year.
Tesla Model X IAB rendering

The Model S would retain the Falcon doors seen on the concept.

During its quarterly earnings meet this month, Tesla announced that it has received over 20,000 reservations for the Model X, and that 30 beta prototypes have been dispatched for real world testing. According to the company’s website, the delivery estimate for new reservations is early-2016.

Based on the Model S’s platform, the Model X would be powered by a dual-electric motor setup: Two motors will be placed on each axle offering an all-wheel drive layout. The Model X would be offered in three variants: 60 kWh, 85 kWh and a performance pack on the latter. The crossover is expected to have a range of 270 miles (434 km).
Tesla Model X side press shot

The Model X is expected to launch in the third quarter of this year.

The top-hinged Falcon doors that were seen on the concept would in fact make it to the production version of the Model X. Tesla could also opt to use the same dashboard design seen on the Model S, with the 17-inch touchscreen system.


Update – IAB viewer Gokulraj dispatched us four images from the Mahindra S101 testing in Chennai. Expect it to be in showrooms from the second 1 / 2 the season, competing with B section hatchbacks in addition to sub-4m 4 door.

Mahindra S101 top spyshot coming from Gokulraj GK

Mahindra S101 backed spyshot coming from Gokulraj GK

Mahindra S101 spyshot coming from Gokulraj GK

Mahindra S101 windows spyshot coming from Gokulraj GK

Will likely be powered by simply newly designed petrol in addition to diesel search engines.

Mahindra’s future small vehicle, the S101 (codename) ended up being spotted with test just as before. The S101, as well as being a whole new segment entrant with the Indian vehicle maker, likewise launches a great all-new monocoque program.
Interior from the Mahindra S101 spied

The S101 receives a dashboard installed gearlever likely to free in place space to get a bench-type fit.

In truth, Mahindra features said that will 2015 will spot the release of about three new tools (the monocoque from the S101, the ladder-frame from the U301 along with a small LCV platform with the P601). Nonetheless, the company hasn't shared the exact timelines with regards to launches.

Because these spyshots present clearly, the S101 will receive a dashboard-mounted gearlever, along with a bench-type seat from the front, just like the Datsun Head out. The a little bit high-set car seats are used to give your driver the of driving a car a crossover, though the overall size from the S101 will be in your whereabouts of an Maruti Fast.
Front quarters from the Mahindra S101 spied

This compact S101 is Mahindra’s minute monocoque program, the first being your XUV500.

Power with the S101 should come from newly-developed fuel and diesel engines, with computerized manual transmitting (AMT) like a possible gearbox option. Mahindra likewise plans with introducing a great AMT with its slow-selling ladder-on-frame Quanto SUV this season.

Colleyford 8.1jpeg

There is a lot of excitement beginning to stir over the Ford 2017 raptor. For those that are showing an interest in this vehicle they are going to find that the twin turbo echo boost V-6 engine and 10 speed transmission is going to offer all of the performance of that they desire. Learn more about this vehicle at
When it comes to being a little bigger in size than the 6 inch increase over the standard model is going to be appreciated. For individuals that want a vehicle that can handle the rough terrain there is no doubt that this for 2017 Raptor is going to be able to meet all of the needs. It has no problem handling the barren desert at speeds that are impressive and can withstand the dirt that it is going to be exposed to.
Although Ford is still not boasting about the amount of power that this Raptor is going to have they have certainly indicated that the turbo V-6 has more than the last generations 411 was comprised of.
The main focus of this new Raptor is being put on its off road capabilities especially focusing on the speed at which it can handle the various terrains that no doubt it will be exposed to. One of the things that is really helping with this is the new steel frame that is composed underneath the aluminum body this has allowed a savings of more than 500 pounds of heavy metal. It has eased up fox bracing shocks which help to stop cracking when exposed to extreme pressures. When it comes to suspension there is no disappointment. Of course this vehicle is built with the latest technology such as a Torsen differential upfront as well as a new transfer case and a most impressive pre-programmed Badja mode computer. See more about this vehicle at

More details will be released later this year.


Land Rover said today that the Range Rover Evoque Convertible has been approved for production.

Showcased as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2012, the company’s design director Gerry McGoven told IAB in Feb 2014 that the business profile of the Evoque was under study, and that the convertible may “suddenly appear” on the market.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible inside a tunnel

Further details about the “premium compact SUV Convertible” will be announced later this year. The car will be made alongside the five-door and three-door versions at the Halewood plant in the UK and reach showrooms in 2016.

In the brief statement, the company also said that the test mule of the Evoque convertible is the first vehicle to have been driven through the Crossrail tunnels below London.

Is validated for production.


The subsequent Suzuki notion unveiled on the Geneva Generator Show is usually a sub-4m VEHICLE concept, termed the Suzuki iM-4. Suzuki claimed development of the showroom product is underway, but would not state when it would go into production.

Suzuki im-4 entry three 1 / 4 view established image

The look of iM-4 notion however seems to be production-ready. Highlights will include a large grille in which encapsulates this headlights; a normal front bumper using fog bulbs; and straight, taut style. At the side, we see the puffed-up controls arches as well as diagonal vents for the C-Pillar. The idea also gives good clearance as well as commanding seating position – this credentials of the SUV.

Suzuki iM-4 notion front several quarter watch at 2015 Geneva Generator Show

The vehicle is powered by the 1. 2-liter serp with braking mechanism energy recuparation. It's built on Suzuki’s completely new generation platform and relies on a four-wheel push system.

Suzuki iM-4 rear three sectors left established image

Suzuki boasts that iM-4 will be “an iconic little 4X4 that has a concept concept of “Shape associated with Inspiration”. The proposal is all-new which is equipped using “4X4 DNA” as well as new technologies to present “real creativity to drivers”.

Suzuki iM-4 notion rear watch at 2015 Geneva Generator Show

You will find more information inside press relieve below this gallery.


Overall size: 3, 693 mm
Entire width: 1, 709 mm
Entire height: 1, 566 mm
Wheelbase: a couple of, 438 mm
Tyre measurement: 215/45R18
Serp: 1. 2L DUALJET serp + SHVS
Push system: 4WD
Podium: New-generation platform

Tiptonhonda 8.1jpeg

Acura has done something that no other brand of car has done before, successfully proving that their dedication to engineering safety is second to none. Acura is officially the only car to earn a 5-star overall vehicle score from the NHTSA as well as earning Top Safety Pick from the IIHS across its entire model line. Be sure to get more details about this vehicle as well as other Honda vehicles at
Acura has taken the industry lead in using new technologies to ensure that it’s vehicles are safe and well designed, using various collision warning systems, advanced technologies, advanced braking systems as well as camera systems. Added together, Acura is using every conceivable safety method in the industry as well as improving on existing technologies, making it a fascinating example of how far vehicular safety has come, even in the last 30 years. What makes them so concerned about safety? Well, there is the obvious fact that people want to drive a safe car. But according to the new ads being put out by Acura, the engineers take the job very personally.
In new commercials, airing as of mid October, we see Acura engineers imagining that their own family is in the vehicle when a collision occurs. This empathic version of reality makes the engineers at Acura more concerned with safety, as they can place themselves in others shoes, rather than just being some random engineer working on a vehicle for who knows who. With this in mind, Acura has created the safest line of automotives in the industry, and most certainly in the history of vehicles around the world.
With computers constantly taking in information and figuring out various scenarios of collision, then offering solutions and warnings when necessary, the world of motor vehicles is in for a paradigm shift. And leading that shift is Acura. Check out the great Honda deals at


Sales get started in May.

Unveiled a short time before it is debut you will come to the 2015 Geneva Generator Show, the 2015 VW Sharan produces small yet meaningful revisions.

2015 Volkswagen Sharan entrance view with 2015 Geneva Generator Show

The particular MPV now features completely new LED taillamps completely new ‘Jakarta’ wheels, apart where, the pattern remains unchanged. The important changes happens with this report. Firstly, the automobile gets an ‘App Connect’ outfitted infotainment program, which has MirrorLink – to be able to stream the smartphone’s screen onto the display – suitable for both Apple company Car Play and Android Auto, using better processors along with high-res features.

2015 Volkswagen Sharan entrance three 1 / 4 view with 2015 Geneva Generator Show

Motors now present more energy and performance than prior to, while the number consists of petrol along with diesel applications with power which range from 115 PS along with going all the way up up to 220 PS. All engines, except the bottom diesel, is going to be available which has a 6-speed DSG transmission.

2015 Volkswagen Sharan rear three 1 / 4 view with 2015 Geneva Generator Show

VW in addition has updated the MPV’s security systems. Optionally available assists now include Top Assist, Urgent situation City Braking, Side of the road Assist, Adaptive Cruise trip Control, Park your car Assist, Sightless Spot Observe, and the normal Automatic Post-Collision Braking program.


Powered with a 367 horsepower, BMW-sourced V8.

Morgan has brought back this Aero 8 moniker from the showcase from the new Morgan Aero 8 for the 2015 Geneva Generator Show. Even though the car carries the old style looks, it’s believed to have undergone some massive improvements.

2015 Morgan Aero 8 Convertible front view with 2015 Geneva Generator Show

Beginning with the outdoor, the vehicle works on the hand-crafted aluminium body. It gets a new hood, while a new hard-top can also be available just as one option. On the inside, the Aero 8 proudly flaunts the wood and leather inside, which will get cruise control along with a touchscreen enjoyment system.

2015 Morgan Aero 8 Convertible front three 1 / 4 view with 2015 Geneva Generator Show

Powering the modern Aero 8 is often a BMW-sourced 5. 8-litre V8 that makes 367 horsepower and 490 Nm connected with torque. It will come mated to either a six-speed manual or a paddle-shift computerized.

2015 Morgan Aero 8 Convertible backed three 1 / 4 view with 2015 Geneva Generator Show

Your vehicle is also engineered using a stiffer suspension, anti-roll night clubs, and a small slip differential. Likewise, the only assists readily available for the motorist are AB MUSCLES and EBD.

Sunrisefordnoho 8.1 jpeg

The new Ford Raptor is a brand new vehicle which is based primarily on the Ford F-150 pickup, but will be so much more than just another run of the mill pickup truck. With increased off-road capability and a stylish and striking new look, the Ford Raptor will be a vehicle to watch out for in the coming years. Also you may want to take a look at some other great Ford vehicles at
The Ford Raptor will feature a 3.5 liter eco-boost engine, which combines rugged power with fuel efficiency, which as we all know, is an important factor in modern vehicles. With gas prices astronomical, no one wants anything that guzzles fuel, yet they still want the power available in those fuel guzzlers…and the Ford Raptor will grant that.
Another interesting point about the Ford Raptor is it will have a 10 speed transmission, giving the driver far more control over the vehicle and it’s gearing than ever before. This will give it an off road capability not often seen in modern trucks, which are strictly meant for street driving and have forsaken their durable, all conditions past, which made pickup trucks so loved in the first place. Indeed, this vehicle type is made for off road conditions, with more suspension travel than before, new Fox Shox, and a vehicle driving mode specifically made for off road conditions.
Overall, this new Ford Pickup Truck is designed to eat up the off road miles, and make you comfortable and confident while driving it. The Ford Raptor is the perfect vehicle if you want or need to be able to drive in ANY conditions that you may face in your day to day life…and even outside your day to day life! Check out the 2017 Ford Raptor, we’re sure you’ll be impressed! Be sure to look at some great offers at